Distrigo MARKET, our extended network !

For an even more efficient parts distribution service offer, Stellantis Group has created the Distrigo RELAY and the Distrigo MARKET networks as a second and third level of distributors to complete the logistic and professional support from the Distrigo Hubs to all their customers.

Hand in hand, the Distrigo MARKET and the Distrigo Hubs work together to allow the Distrigo MARKET to offer their own customers a high level of quality of service, and an extended offer of multi-brand parts, tyres, accessories, tools and equipments for professional automotive repairers.

Distrigo Market at your service !

You are an all make automotive repairer and would appreciate being contacted to get more information on our offers ? 

By checking on the google map of the distrigo website of your country, you may find where the nearest Distrigo MARKET is located and use their contact details to get in touch with our local teams ! You may also come to visit them on site at their sales counter !

The Distrigo MARKET network is currently expending throughout the world. He may not have arrived by your door yet.... if so, our Distrigo Hubs are always at your service !


Get in touch with our local team !

A large choice of parts and brands !

Like the Distrigo Hubs, Distrigo MARKET is proposing a 360° product offer to answer the needs of all-makes repairers:

 Our offer may vary per country, please check directly on the national website to know more. 


More about our vast and competitive offer !